More ideas to create great rapport and enhance your relationships

Continuing with our discussion of rapport, here are some more ideas that you can implement in order to create great rapport and enhance your relationships.  


Have a positive attitude and leave social labels at home (or in a drawer, if you’re at home). Many people can tell instantly if you have a negative attitude or if you feel superior. So treat other people as you would like to be treated. And give each person a chance.

In NLP we learn to respect everyone’s “roadmap,” their view of the world. Everyone does the best we can, and we all have varying views and experiences.

Tell yourself when you wake up that you are going to have a great day and that you will make an effort to look at people favorably. Try writing a positive affirmation to this effect and put it up in a place you will see it first thing in the morning.

Open Exchange

Do encourage others to share with you. Some people are shy, scared or inexperienced in communicating and welcome an opportunity to share. Using both body language and verbal communication, you can invite a positive exchange. 

Face the other person with your arms uncrossed in a welcoming position, eyes looking into theirs gently (not glaring or staring), and encourage a conversation with a warm smile. 


Be an active listener. Don’t focus your thoughts on what YOU will say next. Listen to what the other person is saying and take your clues from there, while also noting the body language. For example, if the other person folds his arms and sounds upset, you may need to change the subject or let him have some space and distance; you can even politely try excusing yourself to go make a phone call, or the bathroom, or even to go to the buffet table if it seems appropriate.

On the other hand, if the other person is leaning towards you, following your every word and communicating with you as if you were old friends, and…presto! You’ve built rapport!

Reach out to me with your questions. I’d love to hear from you.

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